Fix hemorrhoids with the doctor’s assistance

Despite the fact that they do not appear overnight, when hemorrhoids or piles occur they are accompanied by pain, swelling, itchiness and even bleeding. Hemorrhoids are caused by increased pressure in pelvic or anal area, causing the swelling of the blood vessels around and inside the anus. Both women and men can be affected by this condition which can be treated through various different methods, with or without a doctor’s assistance. If you want to fix hemorrhoids fast in the comfort of your home, you should get Venapro to eliminate them and to reduce the symptoms associated with piles.

How can you fix hemorrhoids in a doctor’s office?

venapro doctor 6Hemorrhoids that get hard, too painful and intolerable can become thrombosed and they have to be removed through surgical procedures. In order to fix hemorrhoids, a doctor will first diagnose properly your condition, only after that he will decide which is the best treatment for your needs. After looking to your anal area, perhaps your doctor will have to insert an anoscope, a proctoscope or a lubricated gloved finger to perform a thorough rectal exam. In case if piles are accompanied by bleeding – which is, in fact, a classic symptom of this condition – your doctor should check if the bleeding is caused by hemorrhoids. Other ailments, such as Crohn’s disease, colitis, anal fissure and colorectal cancer can cause bleeding too, so these possibilities have to be eliminated.

After that, your doctor might want to check the lower colon therefore he will request a sigmoidoscopy or a colonoscopy. These procedures involve inserting into the rectum a lighted and flexible viewing tube or having barium X-ray to view the interior of the colon. After this thorough examination, your doctor will diagnose your condition and the next step is to determine how to fix hemorrhoids safely and effectively. People affected by piles should understand that diet changes are mandatory, regardless if they decide to treat or not their condition. Even though many patients fix hemorrhoids fast by removing them surgically, changing their lifestyle and using creams and supplements that alleviate the symptoms of hemorrhoids, they should avoid the reoccurrence of hemorrhoids by following a healthier lifestyle.

Once your condition has been diagnosed, your doctor can perform various procedures to remove piles: banding, injection, cauterization or surgery. Banding is often used to eliminate prolapsed piles. A little rubber band will be placed to secure the hemorrhoid and to stop the blood supply to it, causing it to shrink and to eventually fall off. If the hemorrhoid is placed inside the rectum, an injection with a special solution will be administered to close off the pile. Cauterization or coagulation involves using infrared light, laser beam or an electric probe to seal the end of the hemorrhoid; this procedure is not painful and it will cause the hemorrhoid to minimize. Surgery is used mostly on thrombosed hemorrhoids, for internal ones who are too large or the external ones that cause too much pain. This traditional procedure is known as hemorrhoidectomy and it is effective in removing piles.

But if your hemorrhoids do not cause you too many troubles and you do not consider that they have to be removed, you can opt for natural treatments that will help you fix hemorrhoids in the comfort of your home. Venapro is a natural and highly effective treatment composed of oral homeopathic spray and dietary pills that offer quick and safe relief to hemorrhoids. Because it is easy to administer and it does not involve using a messy cream, Venapro is one of the most popular choices of people who want to fix hemorrhoids anytime and anywhere.

All you have to do is take one Venapro pill twice a day and spray twice under the tongue two times per day and itchiness will disappear in an instance. By following this treatment, the consumers will soon reduce the swelling, alleviate itchiness, eliminate bleeding and get relief to burning and stinging caused by piles. Use this highly effective treatment and follow a healthier lifestyle to safely eliminate piles in the comfort of your home! Fix hemorrhoids with this Venapro and you will definitely enjoy getting piles under control.